Poly #holy getto in the city

Once in our time four women met in a café. The women didn’t know each other and had a great chat in the not so social media. The idea was so simple but so powerful and the decision came from the stars.

The lil poly group decided to give each other weird names so you can think about them easier. The names are presented in a weird way here:

· Pa 50 %

· Pu 50 %

· Po 60 %

· Pi 95 %

The poly group lived in the same glamorous area near the city where buildings were almost falling of pure mold. The group decided to create a lab in one of the disused school yards.

Po and Pi “got the feeling” that its time to live the most glamorous days with help of their plan: to be the poly glam group and build the secret 7 glam areas.

Pa and Pu: we believe we can name glamourous areas and then we will be so _ famous by just going out and showing up there. Here are our places:

1. Central spark

2. Empire feeling

3. Man hat

4. Feast village

5. Ground hero

6. Bro Lyn

7. Prime town

Pa and Pu almost got all the coffee in their small throats, but they were doing it with intensive happiness.

Pa: We need to do very high buildings though and need window cleaning solutions. We can drive up there with the cleaner so we can film it to the rest of the world! Ha ha!

Pu: I know a very poor cleaner who need a job. We need to hire her now! How about that?

Pa and Pu: we need some avenues… how about this… avenue 30 %, avenue 60 %, avenue 80 % and avenue 100 %. People will discover each avenue from the amount of % it covers. Since we are two who are in to this idea you must say yes to this.

Pi: Don’t forget me here. I believe 95 % is almost to the finish line. It will be a lot of competition between the avenues, but since we are all queens, we will take them all and make them poly and not polluted. Are we done with the discussion now?

Pa and Pu: we will collect Queen helpers to get this done. We take all building materials we can get and make all the avenues connected to our 7 places. We will take over the areas here and make sure to put our group name out there.

Po: why not! Since we are a holy poly group, we can multiply in so many ways. I have heard about some kingdoms of men who people say have more power than us, but if people know about us and I know they will… the world will poly shake from underground and up…

To be continued by E direct from the north side of the story……………..


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Emma Hedlund

Emma Hedlund

Learning: everywhere. Born time before Internet. Freestyling not famous writer. Interdisciplinary. Stockholm+world. North side of the story. /E