The mystical code conversations

Emma Hedlund
6 min readJul 13, 2020


Somewhere in Dostojevskijs kitchen Dostojevskij suddenly found the #old paper map over Moskva city. Mamuski became nervous because the blonde baylage bouncy hair Elk was stressed over her media channels notifications.

Dostojevskij: I am very happy! Look! I have found the Moskva map from my time on earth. Now we have some great material to use.

Blonde baylage bouncy hair Elk: Wow! I see on my channel that you are the monument outside the #famous library in Moskva. You have been celebrated in art! This must give me many more followers in my channel if you understand what I am saying. We must go to the library now! Mamuski! Stop being so full of panic! We have the place where more information can be found. You will miss out if you act like you don’t want views on channels.

Mamuski: can you please stop your weird channel addiction. You make Ma and Muski in me very unbalanced. You disturb my focus.

Dostojevskij: I am in shock! I am one monument! When did it happen? I never thought I was loved that way. Weird. The police were after me all the time while I lived on earth. I was the gambler. I don’t know anything about economy and my psyche is broken to pieces. Dear Mamuski I really understand what you are going through, but not myself. Anyway, I did one book (or maybe self-help book) about gambling? I travelled so much across Europe and now here we are. I tried to escape myself I think. You really catch me here. Are you going to punish me? All of my life I have been dealing with that subject in periods. You come in to my new life as #motivational speakers. Thank you so much!

Mamuski: We are here because you are the only human being alive on earth as we know so far. We believe strongly that you can help us find the code to the Elk University and also be the part of it. Are you interested to build your new life? I love digital Elk games and think you should try it. The only disturbing thing is all the #notifications but you can turn it off. Its not necessary you need to be the gambler again. You can just catch points instead and maybe create some memes.

Dostojevskij: I have never heard about all these #news but it sounds very interesting. You seem to be very rich with the latest things as Elks. In my first life on earth I was very poor. It can also explain why gambling took so much space. I can show you the library in Moska city. Are you ready?

Elk boss: I have my protocol about what we agreed on in the board meeting before we came to Moskva. I feel you are going outside all this and I feel we need to do #silent #diplomacy. The Elks in the forest will be upset if they know what we are doing now with one human being! Do you understand that I can be in trouble here as president of the Elks of the North Union (NU)!

Mamuski: Please calm down now dear elk boss. You need to understand Dostojevskij is the only human being on earth left and he is honest. He is from now on our #closest friend. Why waste all this time on this unnecessary discussion!

Elk boss: ok, I am just worried and I don’t want to disappoint the Elk union in the north.

Blonde baylage bouncy hair elk: I am on my channel and they say there is one tutorial for quiet diplomacy online! Wow! Elk advertising. You can even buy it or hack it. What do you say elk boss?

Elk boss: lets just be quiet about this and please shut down your screaming channel!

After enormous discussions they all went out from Dostojevskijs house to find the famous library in Moskva. When they arrived Dostojevskij got scared.

Dostojevskij: Its so empty. What is this place? I am scared seeing myself as monument! Why am I there? Is that me?

Blonde baylage bouncy hair elk: OMG! I have my camera on my crown on now. Please stand near the monument and make one duet there. Wow! I get more followers and likes now. Thank you Dostojevskij. You can be on my accessories soon! It will be success and I can tell it to the whole Elk world!

Mamuski: please can we go in to the library now! Shut down your channel for once!

In the library they found one old cleaner. He was surprised meeting this radical group coming just like that. They all were.

The cleaner: what are you doing here? Is this the real Dostojevskij? I think I almost falling down on the ground now. I am so shocked! What can I do for you?

Dostojevskij: Can you please show us the basement here in the library? I know there are treasures there. Please!

The cleaner: Yes, come in! I have some stories to share with you that are not formulated in books. I can also show you some pictures with the highest building! You must go and see it. Around 95 floors and you better know which before you go there my friends.

Mamuski: I have heard you can fish with magnets to find old things in the bottom of the sea. I think it could be the better idea to discover instead. Why library? What a waste of time…We need to work from the ground here.

Dostojevskij: I see a mouse with pink eyes! It changes colours all the time! It has a paper in the mouth from the basement. Look!

The cleaner: hehe, thats my friend here in the library taking up mess falling on the floor. The forgotten papers as I use to say. Hehe.

Elk boss: I must read the text. What does it say?

The cleaner: It says calculate forwards and backwards in one minute. You should also do it in Russian language.

Mamuski: Aha. Now the Ma and Muski in me starting the calculations fast. Oh no! They fight now about the winner. Please help me!

Dostojevskij: dear Mamuski why dont you just play with them and have some fun with it. You can be one.

The mouse got dark pink and suddenly the code came that they all needed but it was not enough. The mouse gave them all the assignment to also go to the invisible place in Russia. There they will find the answers completely.

Message from mouse eyes: ∃xMx Existence from underground. The e subway to the destination you must do in the dark. The code is invisible and you need to activate it through different assignments. Mouse will hunt you until its done.

Elk boss: This is the break through! Lets do it!

Blonde baylage bouncy hair elk: That #pink mouse is scary! To publish this scary mouse creates fears to my audience. What happens now in my media? What!! The parrots have taken over my channel! Terrible! They must have hacked up my channel! I am so upset now! The most famous parrot have now 70 million followers! It sings top five songs. I am really shocked!!! The parrots creates rapps I never heard about before. Now I am outdated from the channel. The followers are now instead with the million P parrot. The parrot says: “steal like the artist and hack my routines.” Now I get very stressed! My world is breaking and selling goes down. Can you auto help me?

Dostojevskij: dear blonde baylage bouncy hair elk, you don’t have to be worried here. WE are the team now. Not that channel. Isn’t it very clear that we all are alive! I am so excited to discover that new world I never seen before. We are going to do the most exciting that no parrot have heard of before! Why not do the code book instead?

Mamuski: I feel two numbers now. Help me! I am scared. The cramp increase now. Can you please stop the discussion about numbers in channels. I already have TWO channels in me so its enough.

Elk boss: Mamuski, you have pink eyes now! OMG! This is the revolution + revelation we need now! You are the answer to my different and unique prayers. You shall now take us to the underground invisible world and make us see the most invisible numbers. You will help us do the assignments one by one.

To be continued by E____visible…..



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